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The Proper Procedures To Escape Bottom Cross Side

Escaping Bottom Cross Side is one of the most common problems facing BJJ beginners.  Here’s a proper set of steps you need to follow to escape Cross Side.

The very first thing you need to do is to stay calm.  This is unbelievable difficult especially if you’re a total beginner.

The second step is to get your hands in the right place.  Specifically, you need to get your left arm across your partner’s neck.  Your left forearm will allow you to push your partner away from you.  To make this more effective, it’s essential that you have your left hand hooking onto your partner’s left shoulder.

Thirdly, you want bridge up and create a little space so that you can drive your left elbow under your partner’s right armpit.

And then fight to get your left arm under and around your partner’s torso.  We call this control an “underhook” because your left arm is under your partner’s right shoulder.

Lastly, now that you have your underhook establshed, you can start to win back your Half Guard and fully escape Cross Side.

The mistake that most BJJ beginners make is that they look to get their Half Guard back before their underhook is set up.

Without the underhook, it’s too easy for the person on top to pass Guard again and win back their Cross Side position.

When escaping Cross Side, try to win your underhook first and your success rate will sky rocket!


Ritchie Yip
Ritchie Yip