Ritchie Yip here. Today I’m going to talk about the Sickle Sweep from the Spider Guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is a highly effective sweep when your training partner stands up in your guard.

I’m going to start with a 2-on-1 grip on my training partner, who is in my Spider Guard. My right hand grips his right sleeve, and my left hand grips underneath his right armpit. I’m going to control his right side by placing my left foot on his right hip.

From here, to execute the sweep I have to do three things at the exact same time:

1) I bring my left hand off his armpit and to his heel.

2) I bring my left heel from his hip to behind his left heel.

3) I bring my right heel up and onto his right hip.

A common mistake for BJJ Newbies is to do each step independently.  By doing all three moves at the same time you’ll be much faster on hitting this sweep.

Once I do these three things simultaneously, I need to remember to end on my side. A lot of people try to do this sweep square to their opponent. This won’t work. It should look like I am trying to run on my side.

Now I push his hip with my foot and chop with my left calf into his left heel, at the same time I pull on his right calf with my left hand for the sweep. I come around and pass immediately, and then I can always go for the armbar.

Here’s the video on this technique.  It’s a basic intro for what you can do in BJJ if someone stands up in your Guard.  Enjoy!



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