Hey everybody, Richie Yip here. I got my buddy and my training partner Stephan Kesting to help us out today. We are talking about cross side, and how to escape cross side. This is the first part of a six-part system, my ultimate system for escaping bottom cross side. We’re going to start thing’s off with what is cross side?

Let’s first talk about passing guard. With Stephan on his back he is fighting from his guard. Think of the guard as a wall I need to get around.  As soon as I jump over this wall, we’re in cross side.

Yes, I still have to wait for the referee to award me three points; but, I’ve now upgraded my position since I’ve now passed Stephan’s guard.

The game now starts for Stephan to start to escape cross side as opposed to maintain guard.

Now, as soon as someone gets over your knee, you need to start working your cross side escapes.

Once someone has passed your guard, you can no longer use your legs to keep yourself safe; but, you can use your arms.  Extend both of your arms to control their bicep.

Once you’re controlling the bicep, kick up to help you sit up.  Push their bicep as you push your other hand to the mat.

Then, walk backwards and your opponent will slide off of you and you’ll have escaped bottom cross side.

Now this works because most people don’t think it works.  I’ve actually been doing this to people, and they’re looking at me confused as they fall over.

But you need commitment from the person on top. They need to be heavy and they need to be going for your neck.



This technique is called the Bicep push escape from bottom cross side.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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