Hey everybody, Richie Yip here, the second part of our escaping cross side system. Let’s talk about the reguard, for the second part.

So, Stephan has just passed my guard. He’s got my knee, I screwed up controlling distance and he’s passed. But you see how I’m still using my hands to keep the distance, right? Also, I want to stop his hand from coming in and checking my neck, right? That’s a universal truth when it comes to jiu-jitsu or boxing or fighting in general- I ALWAYS want to protect my neck.

In Boxing, I keep my chin down and I hunch my shoulders forward.  If you focus on protecting your neck, you’ll keep your chin down and you’ll have a perfect Boxing stance.

Furthermore, I always want to protect my neck when I’m doing jiu-jitsu. I know he wants my neck.  So, I use my arms to keep my opponent away from my neck once they’ve passed my guard.

In this cross side escape, I don’t want to bend my elbow from here- I want to keep my arms locked out straight.

Even if my triceps are really strong and I can bench press 300lbs that’s not an efficient way to jiu-jitsu.

Now, by keeping my arms locked out straight, I can keep Stephan’s hip close to my hip.  From this position, now I can hit the reguard.


A common mistake is to bridge straight up. If my foot is back, I bridge into Stephan, because he’s the guy who is trying to pass my guard. He’s the guy who is trying to be heavy into me.

I bridge into Stephan, I pull my hips back, and I’m able to enter in with my shin. Basically, I’ve just reguarded.


By reguarding from bottom cross side, you’ll be able to hit a low risk, high percentage escape from bottom cross side.

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