Boxing students tend to move their hand too much as they’re parrying.

A parry is a defensive manoeuvre used to deflect or redirect a strike.  You can parry using your hand, your forearm, your wrist, even your shoulder.

When using your hand to execute the parry, the most common mistake is moving your hand too much.

Remember, fighting is all about efficiency. If I make him miss by a foot or by an inch, I’ve still made him miss.

The best way to look at parrying is to think of yourself like a pageant queen and you are waving at the crowd.  All you are doing is slightly turning your hand, like you are screwing in a light bulb in a lamp on your living room ceiling.

This movement is the most efficient way to deflect the Jab or straight Right Hand.

Anything more may open you up for his secondary attacks or it may leave you vulnerable to his attempts to fake you out to draw your hand far away from your face.

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