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Lapel Choke Fundamentals in BJJ

Vancouver Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor talks about the critical elements that make up an effective lapel choke in BJJ.


How to Finish an Armbar in BJJ

Vancouver BJJ instructor shows different ways to finish the armbar.The armbar is a fundamental brazilian jiu jitsu technique and most people will know counters and defenses to the armbar.


How to Do a Choke and Armbar Combination in BJJ

Vancouver Brazilian jiu jitsu coach shows in effective combination attack with a choke directly flowing into an armbar.In BJJ, attacking in combination, such as a choke going into an armbar, will improve your finishing percentages.


How to Escape the Triangle Choke

In BJJ, the triangle choke is the most effective choke from the guard and thus knowing at least a handful of escapes is essential for all BJJ practitioners.


BJJ Technique: Secret Details for Guard Pass 1

Vancouver brazilian jiu jitsu coach explains some of the hidden details to this fundamental BJJ guard pass.this tutorial will help beginners to BJJ understand this important guard pass and serve as a reminder to advanced BJJ students who may have forgotten some of these details.

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