Although this is not meant to be a comprehensive Bjj technique guide, this article is to server as a quick reference for the material you need to know to achieve your Blue Belt.

Toughness. Effort. Technique. Discipline.  These are the key pillars necessary for success in Jiu Jitsu.

Chapter 1: Guard Passing

Closed guard.

High – Stand up, knee push, back pocket

Opening the Closed Guard- Knee Push


Med – Knee in tail bone, hip break

Opening the Closed Guard

Low – sao paulo

Sao Paulo Guard Pass

Half guard.

With underhook – head down, knee slide

Half Guard Pass- Knee Cut

Without underhook – cross body, knee push

Half Guard Pass- Knee Push

Butterfly Guard

Toreador – cuff grip

Butterfly Guard Pass

Cage hips, 2 on 1

Butterfly Guard Pass- Cage Hips     Butterfly Guard Pass- Cage Hips and Kick

Open Guard


Matador Guard Pass  Matador Guard Pass into Step

Ankle lock

Open Guard Ankle Lock

Double Under

Double Under Guard Pass

Chapter 2: Closed Guard Submissions


Closed Guard Kimura


Closed Guard Triangle Choke


Arm Bar from Closed Guard



X Choke

Closed Guard Cross Choke


Closed Guard Guillotine

Chapter 3: Closed Guard Sweeps


Bump Sweep


Scissor Sweep

Reverse Scissor

Reverse Flower Sweep

Armpit / Knee Flower

Armpit Flower Sweep

Flower Sweep

Flower Sweep

Back take

Back Take

Omoplata Sweep

Omoplata Sweep

Double ankle sweep

Double Ankle Sweep

Single ankle sweep

Side Ankle Sweep

Chapter 4: Side control


Move to knee on belly

Cross Side   Knee Mount

Move to mount

Cross Side  Mount Transition


180 armbar

180 Armbar  Armbar

Near side armbar

Cross Side Armbar  Armbar





Kimura  Kimura

Straight armbar

Straight Armbar


Scarf hold Americana with legs

Scarfhold  Scarfhold Americana

Chapter 5: Half Guard

Half Guard Top Submissions


Half Guard Americana



Half Guard Kimura

Straight arm bar

Half Guard Straight Armbar

Half Guard bottom sweeps

Old school sweep

Half Guard Old School Sweep

Reverse Old school sweep

Half Guard Reverse Old School Sweep  Reverse Old School Sweep

Back take

Half Guard Back Take  Half Guard Back Take

Leg hug gator roll

Half Guard Gator Roll

Half Guard Bottom Submissions


Bottom Half Guard Kimura


Bottom Half Guard Guillotine

Chapter 6: Knee on Belly

Knee on Belly Submissions

Loop choke

Knee Mount Loop Choke

Baseball choke

Knee Mount Baseball Choke  Knee Mount Baseball Choke

180 armbar

Knee Mount 180 Armbar  Knee Mount 180 Armbar

Knee Mount 180 Armbar

Near side armbar

Knee Mount Near Side Armbar  Knee Mount Near Side Armbar

Knee on Belly Advancements

Move to mount


Chapter 7: Back Control

Seat belt

Back Take Seatbelt


Rear Naked Choke

Bow and arrow

Bow and Arrow Choke


Armbar from the Back  Armour from the Back

Chapter 8: Turtle attacks

Seat belt

Top Turtle


Crucifix  CrucifixCrucifix  Crucifix

Clock choke

Clock Choke

Modified bow and arrow

Modified Bow and Arrow


Chapter 9: Butterfly Guard


Elevator/ butterfly sweep

Butterfly Guard Sweep  Butterfly Guard Sweep

Arm drag

Arm Drag

Rock up when flat

Rock Up  Rock Up

Butterfly Guard Submissions

Guillotine w. Sweep

Guillotine with Sweep


Chapter 10: Positional Escapes

Side control

Hip escape to Re-Guard

Bottom Cross Side  BridgeRe-Guard

Bridge to Single Leg

Bottom Cross Side  Bottom Cross Side EscapeBottom Cross Side Escape to Knees  Double Leg from Knees

Scarf hold

Bridge and roll

Scarfhold Escape  Scarfhold Escape

Back take

Scarfhold  Scarfhold Back TakeScarf hold Back Take  Scarf hold Back Take

Mount Escape

Arm / leg trap

Mount Bridge and Roll Escape  Mount Bridge and Roll Escape

Bridge , hold, and shrimp

Mount Escape  Mount Bridge Escape  Mount Escape

Back Escape

Straight arm

Back Straight Arm Escape  Back Straight Arm Escape  Back Straight Arm Escape  Back Straight Arm Escape

Hook removal

Hook Removal  Hook Removal  Hook Removal  Back Escape

Knee on Belly Escape

Force half guard

Knee Mount Escape  Knee Mount Escape to Half Guard

Belt grab to ankle pick

Knee Mount Escape  Knee Mount Escape  Knee Mount Escape to Ankle Pick  Knee Mount Escape to Ankle Pick

Turtle Escape

Arm trap “Anthony” sweep

Turtle Sweep  Turtle Sweep  Turtle Sweep  Turtle Sweep

Straight leg sweep

Turtle Sweep  Turtle Sweep  Turtle Sweep

Chapter 11: Submission Defense

Armbar from guard

Stack and bulldog

Armour from Guard  Armbar Defense  Armbar Defense

Armbar From Mount Escape


Armbar Escape  Armbar Escape  Armbar Escape  Armbar Escape

Head inside

Armbar Escape  Armbar Escape  Armbar Escape  Armbar Escape

Triangle Escape

Stack, rechoke, and rotate

Triangle Escape  Triangle Escape

Posture and pull

Triangle Escape  Triangle Escape

Kimura Escape

Defend hand and pass to back

Kimura Defense  Kimura Defense  Kimura Defense

Omoplata Escape

Jump across

Omoplata Defense  Omoplata Defense  Omoplata Defense

Dive under

Omoplata Escape  Omoplata Escape  Omoplata Escape  Omoplata Escape

Collar Choke Escape

Grip break

Collar Choke Defense  Lapel Choke Defense


Choke Defense  Choke Defense

Americana Escape

Elbow pull

Americana Defense  Americana Defense

Elbow push

Americana Defense  Americana Defense

Ankle Lock Escape

Put on the boot

Ankle Lock Defense  Ankle Lock Defense  Ankle Lock Defense  Ankle Lock Defense

Chapter 12: Take Downs


Single leg

Single Leg

Double leg

Double Leg


Osoto Gari (1)

Osoto Gari

Uchi Mata (2)

Uchi Mata  Uchi Mata

Kosoto gari (3)

Kosoto Gari  Kosoto Gari

Drop Seo Nagi

Seo Nagi  Drop Seo Nagi

O goshi

O Goshi

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