Today I’m going to talk about a dynamic solution to pass the Butterfly Guard in BJJ.

Newbies to BJJ find the Butterfly Guard super complex because it’s such a fast, dynamic guard.  Luckily, with a little bit of practice, you can defeat the butterfly guard with fast and simple Guard pass.

The Butterfly Guard Cartwheel Pass

I’m in my training partner’s butterfly guard, and I am going to do a double underhook cartwheel pass.

First, I’m going to try an get both my hands underneath his arms.

Next I am going to place my forehead onto his sternum, and I’m going to drive him down. As I’m doing this I’m going to drive my elbows and my knees together. From here, my training partner cannot utilize his butterfly guard, and I’m a lot safer.

Immediately, I’m going to pick a side of my head, and place it to the side of my training partner’s chest. With my opposite hand, I’m going to point to my legs. As I’m here, I’m going to cartwheel my legs. My knees are going to the ceiling and my shoulders are going into my training partner’s stomach. I cartwheel up and over to my training partner’s side for the pass.

This is the double underhook cartwheel pass.

Ritchie Yip
Vancouver BJJ Head Instructor, Infighting Vancouver BJJ

Video: BJJ Basics: How To Do The Butterfly Guard Cartwheel Pass

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