Today I’m going to explain a high percentage sweep from the Butterfly Guard.

When I get my training partner in my Butterfly Guard, I want to get an over /under control.  An over/under control is a fundamental control method in BJJ and can be used in stand up as well as several other Guard positions.

For example, say I have an overhook on my right side and an underhook on my left. I’m going to try and do a sweep to my right side – towards the side I have the overhook control. I’m controlling my training partner’s left tricep with my right hand, and my elbow controls his left wrist. From here I’m going to bring his left shoulder laterally to the floor.

In this example I am dropping to my right, so I want to extend my left (opposite) foot out, making an “X” with my shins. This is really important because as I drive for the sweep this gives me more leverage in order to elevate my training partner. Then I want to gracefully follow through with the sweep, keeping my hip up, in order to get a top position.

A common mistake is that when people are doing this sweep they lean their hip onto the mat. You have to pick up your hip as you drop to the mat in order to get the full follow through with this sweep.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Video:  BJJ Basics: How To Do The Butterfly Guard Sweep

Ritchie Yip
Vancouver BJJ Head Instructor, Infighting Vancouver BJJ

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