Today I’m going to demonstrate a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu drill to help functionalize the triangle choke from the full guard.

This drill takes a fair bit of coordination; but, coordination is absolutely necessary for BJJ practitioners of any level.  This drill may seem overwhelming at first.

My only advice is to start super slow and to keep at it and practice makes everything better.

It starts off with my training partner in my full guard.

Next I’m going to control both of his sleeves. My left hand controls his right sleeve and my right controls his left sleeve.

Now I’m going to open up his arms and place my feet onto his hips.

Next I’m going to do thee things at same time:

1) I’m going to bring my right heel over the top of his left shoulder.

2) I’m going to drive my hips up by pushing onto his hip with my left foot.

3) I’m going to bring his right arm across his body.

Then I close down, bringing my hips down and his shoulders down with my right leg. I cross my left leg over my right for the triangle choke.

Now I do the exact same drill but on the opposite side, and repeat.

Note how coordination of both your hands and your feet are critical to perfecting this drill.  As a BJJ practitioner, having strong coordination between your hands and your feet are absolutely necessary.

Be sure to check out the video below.  I really break the drill down so it’s super easy to understand.

BJJ Drill: How To Do The Triangle Choke Drill

Ritchie Yip
Vancouver BJJ Head Instructor, Infighting Vancouver BJJ

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