Getting the back in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is probably the most offensive position you can achieve.

In BJJ circles, best in the world at getting the Back is Marcelo Garcia.

Anyone who’s watched Marcelo Garcia competing in ADCC has seen him do this. This is my interpretation of how Marcelo Garcia is able to go and take the back when people try to re-guard and when people try to turn in on him when he has cross side.

Getting the Back from Cross Side

Let’s say I’m in cross side with my training partner. My training partner does what anyone typically does and drives in. I am going to look for space between his shoulder and the mat. As soon as I see this, I’m going to drive through this space. I’m going to take my hand that’s closest to his hip and do a summersault, a dive roll as tight as I can. And then I end with a seatbelt.

From here, it depends what my training partner is going to do. Sometimes I’m able to throw my leg over and I’m able to do a crucifix, then maybe I can do a choke or an armbar. If he tries to scramble away, I may be able to put a hook in, stop him with this hook, turn him, and get a second hook in.

Marcelo Garcia is able to get his hooks in immediately. For myself, I find that this is the most immediate way to get the seatbelt and secure the position. As long as you’re holding the seatbelt really really tight, that is the punch line for this particular technique.

Take a look at the video below.  I hit this move on Stephan and you see how easy this move can be with a little bit of practice.

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Ritchie Yip
Vancouver BJJ Head Instructor, Infighting Vancouver BJJ

Video: How to Get the Back from Cross Side in BJJ

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