Hey Everybody!

Today, we’re going to talk about what striking is and how to understand striking immediately.

Striking is basically impact. A moving object has force. A moving object that hits another object then creates impact.

The less time the two objects are in contact, the greater the impact and thus the greater the damage.

Imagine a fist moving quickly through the air. Like a Jab in Kickboxing. The Jab hits someone’s ribs.

The moment of contact is brief and thus has a high degree of impact. This high impact blow to the ribs causes trauma- broken ribs, bruising of the muscles, etc.

This is the purpose of striking. To cause trauma through high impact.

A common mistake amongst Kickboxing beginners is to push” their punches. If someone were to launch a punch but the contact time between the fist and the rib cage was prolonged

Check out this video for a more detailed breakdown.

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