Imagine if you were to push a car. Your feet are far apart. You’re on your toes and your torso is slightly titled forward.

The fighting stance for kickboxing is much like the posture you would assume if you were to push a car.

In kickboxing, striking is like pushing.  How our body develops power for pushing is the same as how it develops power for striking.

The only difference between pushing and striking is that striking is just much much faster.

So the fighting stance in kickboxing is a position that the body can develop power for pushing. Much like if you were to push a car.

Clearly, I’ve oversimplified the fighting stance.  Head position, shoulder position, hand position and even the position of your feet and your knees- these are all critically important.

However, if you’re a complete newbie and you’re going to check your local Boxing or Kickboxing school for the first time; then, this little tip will totally help you.

Stand like you’re pushing a car and you’ll be ready to fight.

I hope this helps and be sure to check out the video below.

Video. Kickboxing Basics: How to Instantly Achieve the Perfect Fighting Stance

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