The 3 Most Common Mistakes With The Straight Right Hand

The Straight Right Hand is one of the most effective and most powerful punches in Boxing.  But there’s often several common errors attached to this punch.  Keep these 3 common mistakes in mind when you’re sparring and training and your success in Boxing will skyrocket.

Mistake #1: Chin Is Too High
Having your chin too high is a common mistake with all punches, not just with the Straight Right Hand.  The main thing to remember is to keep your chin down as you’re punching.  Your right shoulder should hit your right cheek as you’re punching; thus, protecting your face as much as possible in the event that you’re counter punched.
Mistake #2: Being Off Balance
Sometimes we want to punch with too much power and we get off balance.  While it’s true that you should transfer your weight forward when you’re throwing your Straight Right Hand, the weight transfer should be only 2% towards your lead leg – that’s it!  Any more than 2%, you’re susceptible to being off balance and it’ll be too difficult for you to defend counter punches.
Mistake #3: Elbow Is Up
Having your elbow up when you’re throwing the Straight Right Hand is an extremely common mistake.  It makes sense since more people have thrown a ball than have thrown a proper punch.  What do you need to do when you throw a ball?  That’s right, lift your elbow!  Throwing a right punch is so similar to throwing a ball with your right hand that it’s easy for your body to become confused.  Focus on keeping your elbow in when you’re throwing your Right Hand and your success rate will definitely increase!
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Ritchie Yip
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Ritchie Yip
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