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A Simple And Effective Way To Hit The Omoplata

Here is a simple and effective way to attack the Omoplata.  This attack is a bit of a trap, where I’m allowing Stephan to smash down on me a bit from top Half Guard.  Stephan is attempting to do a Folding Pass from Top Half Guard where both my my knees are folded over to the one side.  However, I want to stay safe with my left shin against his hip to create a Z Guard type configuration.  Right away from this position, I want to try and attack Stephan’s left arm with a Kimura.  Me attacking Stephan’s left arm with a Kimura is a fake and it’s just my way to get Stephan to forget about his right arm and for his weight to lean over to his left side a bit so that I can attack my Omoplata.
When I feel that his weight is over to his left side, I turn so that my left back pocket points up to the sky and then I extract my left knee and then place it over Stephan’s right shoulder to enter into my Omoplata.
Alternatively, I can go for the Kimura on Stephan’s right arm from this position; however, if I can keep rotating my body I can follow through to the Omoplata.
This is a highly effective way to go for the Omoplata from Bottom Half Guard.  Give it a try!
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