A high intensity group fitness class in Burnaby that melts fat and builds muscle in 45 min flat. And that’s suited for any fitness level. Guaranteed!

Get in amazing shape in the shortest time possible. With our high intensity Strength and Conditioning group fitness class in Brentwood Burnaby. You’ll melt fat, build toned muscle and reach your personal fitness goals in the shortest time possible!

Plus we’ll start you off with a $197 Introductory Month!.

The Pandemic has really hit us all really hard and you’re probably thinking, “jeez, I don’t work out enough.. I really need to lose some weight and get back the gym.”

The answer seems so simple, just go to the gym and leave out the bread and the beer.


But it’s so hard to do.

It’s so difficult to find time to go to the gym. And when you do go to the gym, you feel awkward and confused. You don’t know what exercises to do, how to do them or what’s better- weights or cardio..


Plus, your friends and coworkers are blowing up your phone messaging you to meet them for drinks after work. It’s nearly impossible to stick to a workout routine and a diet plan when you have friends seducing you with beer and chicken wings.

group fitness class at our vancouver gym

So, what’s the solution?

Our Strength and Conditioning group fitness class conveniently located in Brentwood Burnaby.


Imagine looking forward to your workouts instead of dreading them.

Picture having a professional fitness coach guide you through a scientifically measured exercise program to get you the best results in the fastest time possible.


See yourself feeling stronger, having more energy and feeling proud of yourself for crushing a workout!


We’ve trained 1000’s of clients over the past 15 years and we’ve made a stunning discovery.

Our clients who have transformed their bodies the most have done it.

  • As a group. You need a group of like minded people to help you and support you!
  • With expert coaching. You need the expert guidance of a world class fitness coach to show you what to do and how to do it!
  • At a convenient location near your home or work to eliminate those BS excuses!
  • Strength and Conditioning Vancouver and Burnaby

    Here’s what you can expect when you start coming to our Burnaby Group Fitness Class:


    Here’s what you can expect when you start coming to our high intensity Strength and Conditioning

    Fitness Group Class in Brentwood Burnaby:

  • Weight lose
  • Inches reduced from your waist
  • Firmer arms, thighs and buns
  • Increased stamina, strength and energy
  • Flatter abs = smaller waist
  • Decreased body fat
  • You’ll look and feel younger
  • All You Have To Do Is Show Up To Our Group Fitness Classes In Burnaby

    That’s it. It’s that simple.


    We have everything you need to get you looking lean, trim and fit in the shortest time possible.


    We have the most experienced and qualified coaches in Greater Vancouver and Burnaby who will guide you through each class.

    You’ll get a scientifically designed class so that you’ll be at the peak of your fat burning potential by the end of each session. We have a stunning 7,000 sqft facility in Brentwood Burnaby with showers and change rooms.


    Plus, we’ll give you a $197 Introductory Month so you can come down and evaluate us for yourself!


    InFighting Training Centers Brentwood Burnaby

    010-4664 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC
    V5C 3Z2

    Weekly Fitness Schedule

    Monday 5pm

    Tuesday 5pm

    Wednesday 5pm

    Thursday 5pm

    BJJ Burnaby directions

    010-4664 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Z2


    These photos have not been altered or photoshopped in anyway. Just real results from real people just like you!

    Kickboxing Burnaby
    Kickboxing Burnaby
    Kickboxing Burnaby
    Kickboxing Burnaby


    A private one on one training session with one of our coaches costs $85 per hour.


    With our Group Fitness Class, if you just came to 4 sessions per week, that’s over $1300 worth of coaching per month!


    But since our fitness classes are done in a group setting, we’re able to scale down the cost for you.


    We really do consider ourselves to be the finest gym in Canada.


    You’ll get access to some of the most experienced and qualified coaches in the city.

    We also never pressure you into buying useless supplements or unnecessary equipment.


    There’s no hidden charges or initiation fees.


    After your Introductory Month, it’s $227/month – there’s no long term contract and you can cancel at anytime!

    $197 Introductory Month

    he Strength & Conditioning program would start with a 4 week assessment. Our coaches will look at your movement patterns, range of motion, strength, endurance, and your adaptation to exercise.

    After the initial 4 weeks, our coaches will design a program based on your needs.

    Group Fitness Burnaby

    Get Your $197 Introductory Month To Our Burnaby Group Fitness Classes

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