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Hey everybody, Ritchie Yip here. We’re in part six of our ultimate escape cross side system.  Today’s technique is the Sit Up Escape.

The Sit Up Escape works when you’re in bottom cross side and you are turned away slightly from your opponent.

The Sit up escape means that I’m basically just sitting up to escape bottom cross side.  But, of course, it’s just not that simple.

The first thing I need to do is establish a frame so that my opponent doesn’t crush out my jaw.

In this case, since I’m slightly on my side, this frame will be my top arm, meaning my right arm, using the bulk of my elbow.

Once the frame is established, I’m going to use my legs to generate momentum and I’m going to translate that momentum through my legs, through my abs, into my upper body so I can sit up.

As I sit up, I’ve got to prop my other elbow on to the floor.  And then, I transition from my elbow into my hand.  From here, I can move my hip away from my opponent and safely place them into my guard.

A key feature to making the Sit Up Escape work is to ensure that your chest is proud as you frame with your elbow and as you post up with your hand.  By keeping your chest proud, your skeleton will be much stronger and you’ll be able to generate far more force.

When I’m escaping bottom cross side, I always want to put myself in a position where my skeleton can develop force.  You want to make sure your spine is straight and that you have really good posture for the Sit Up Escape.  Similarly, this is the reason why I always recommend people to train with weights. It’s not about being buff. It’s about understanding how your body develops power and how it asserts force.

Sit up escape from bottom cross side. Give it a try.

BONUS!!  There’s a bonus part 7 in this 6 part series that ties everything together!  Click HERE to check it out!


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Ritchie Yip
Latest posts by Ritchie Yip (see all)