Learn the Bottom Mount Escape – BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

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Let’s take a look at escaping from bad positions. And as a beginner in BJJ, one of the most intimidating positions is Bottom Mount. Here’s the 3 most important Bottom Mount Escapes and how frames and levers play a role in these BJJ techniques.

Guard Replacement Bottom Mount Escape.

Look to first stay safe by having upper body frames to protect your jaw and neck from your partner’s cross face. Then, turn slightly to your side so that your shoulder acts like a frame.

Mount Escape BJJ Technique

Once your shoulder is framing against your partner’s weight, you can now use your elbow to frame against your partner’s hip.

Bottom Mount Escape BJJ Technique

Lift up your hip to support your partner’s weight; thus, using your spine as a frame; and then, insert your knees so you can now fight from your Guard.

Foot Trap Mount Escape

Foot Trap Mount Escape BJJ Technique

By trapping your partner’s ankle between your legs, you can now lever your partner’s leg off the ground; thus, creating space for you to slide your hips under your partner’s knee to facilitate the escape.

Bridge & Roll Mount Escape

When you’re establishing your upper body frames to stay safe from your partner’s weight, you’re also trapping your partner’s cross facing arm.

Bridge And Roll Escape BJJ Techniques

When you bridge and roll your partner, you’re disallowing your partner from using their arm to frame against the floor to prevent the turnover.

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