Learn the Bottom Cross Side Escape – BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

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Learn the Bottom Cross Side Escape

Guard Replacement Escape From Bottom Cross Side

By first staying safe and having proper upper body frames is critical when you’re in bottom cross side. The next thing is to have your far foot on the ground so that you can bridge and drive into your partner. This is an example of how your frame needs to be equal and opposite from the force your partner is giving you.

Reguard BJJ Technique

Now, you can extract your hips to insert your knees and Butterfly Guard Hook.

Bicep Push Bottom Cross Side Escape

The Bicep Push Escape is when you’re accessing your partner’s arm as a lever to help you escape. While you can absolutely push on your partner’s bicep, it’s best to find their forearm or their wrist – remember, the longer the lever, the greater the torque!

Bicep Push BJJ Technique

Further, be sure to keep your framing arm straight. You always want to use bone instead of muscle!

Elbow Push Bottom Cross Side Escape

Use the Elbow Push Escape when the Bicep Push fails you! Switch so that you’re framing with your other hand. With the Elbow Push Escape, it’s imperative that you’re pushing on your partner’s elbow so that you have maximum leverage.

Elbow Push BJJ Technique

Granby Escape From Bottom Cross Side

By turning away from your partner, you can now use your spine as a frame. Circle your legs to fully recover your Guard.

Granby Escape BJJ Technique

Kesa Gatame Escape

Cross Side is an example of how the top player is perpendicular to the bottom player. The top player is a wrench and the bottom player is a bolt.

Kesa Gatame Escape BJJ Technique

Thus, to escape, you want the bolt as close to wrench as possible so that the bolt can over power the wrench.

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Ritchie Yip

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