Learn the Lapel Chokes – BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

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Learn the Lapel Chokes - BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

Cross Lapel Choke Mount

With Lapel Chokes, I want to use my forearms like a pair of scissors and scissors are a form of a lever.

Once I’ve joined my hands on the back of the partner’s lapels, I can now scissor my forearms to complete the choke.

Mount Lapel Choke BJJ Technique

Cross Lapel Choke Guard

As I attempt turn my forearms into scissors so that I can lapel choke my partner from my Closed Guard, the hardest part is getting my hands into the correct position. Start with one grip at a time and get your right hand as deep as possible and go into High Closed Guard to secure the grip.

Closed Guard Lapel Choke BJJ Technique

Now slightly alter your angle so that you can win your second hand grip and scissor your forearms to complete the choke.

Bow & Arrow Choke

Think of the Bow & Arrow Choke like a paper cutter. Your lapel hand is the blade and your hip is the base of the paper cutter.

Bow And Arrow Choke BJJ Technique

And as the blade of a paper cutting is a lever that cuts paper, your forearm acts like a lever that cuts off blood to your partner.

Clock Choke

Similar to the Bow & Arrow Choke, the Clock Choke is a BJJ technique that’s also just like a paper cutter.

Clock Choke BJJ Technique

But, this time it’s your rib cage that acts like the paper cutter base and your forearm pulling up is the lever that mimics the paper cutter blade.

Ritchie Yip

Ritchie Yip

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