Learn the Turtle Escape – BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

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Learn the Turtle Escape - BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

Turtle Sweep

The longer the lever, the greater the torque. With my partner’s centre of gravity so far away from me, their body acts like a lever preventing me from turning them over.

The key to making the Turtle Sweep work, is to get directly under their centre of gravity.

Turtle Sweep BJJ Technique


The Granby allows you to use your spine as a frame. A frame which goes from your hip to your shoulder.

Granby Turtle Escape BJJ Technique

Standing up head first

In order for your partner to keep you down, they need to utilize your spine like a lever.

Head Up Turtle Escape BJJ Technique

Understanding that, if your partner is heavy on your hips; then, you can lift your head. Once you’ve stood up; then, you can fight and turn to face your partner.

Standing Up Hips First

If your opponent is heavy on your shoulders; then, there’s nothing stopping you from lifting up your hips; since, your spine acts like a lever.

Turtle Escape Hips Up BJJ Technique

Once your hips are up, look to underhook your partner, and drive into them so that you’re both standing up.

Single Leg

If your partner is directly in front of you, then you can grab one of their legs. Like all BJJ techniques, in order to make their leg into a lever, their leg has to be completely off the ground.

Single Leg Turtle Escape BJJ Technique

Use your hand to grab the toes of their right leg to keep their foot and their knee off the ground and look to stand up into a Single Leg Takedown.

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Ritchie Yip

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