The 90 Essential BJJ Techniques

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Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 1: Guard Passing

The Guard position and learning how to fight off of your back is the cornerstone of BJJ.  Attacking from the Guard and defending against sweeps and submissions while passing the Guard is the majority of BJJ.

Closed Guard.

High – Stand up, knee push, back pocket

opening the closed guard for BJJ

Med – Knee in tail bone, hip break

Proper positioning for opening the closed guard in BJJ

Low – sao paulo

Passing the Closed Guard in BJJ

Half Guard

With underhook – head down, knee slide

Passing the Guard in BJJ

Without underhook – cross body, knee push

Passing Half Guard in BJJ

Butterfly Guard

Toreador – cuff grip

Passing Butterfly Guard in BJJ

Cage hips, 2 on 1

Open Guard


Ankle lock

Open Guard in BJJ

Double Under

Double Under Guard Pass in BJJ

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 2: Closed Guard Submissions

Retaining your Guard and attacking from your Guard is unquestionably the most important set of skills in BJJ.  It should be noted that as critical a skill Guard Retention and Guard Attacks are, it’s simultaneously the most difficult skill to master in BJJ.

Let’s begin your introduction to Guard attacks with Closed Guard submissions.


Closed Guard Kimura in BJJ


Triangle Choke in BJJ


Armbar from Guard in BJJ


Omoplata in BJJ

X Choke

Cross Collar Choke from Guard in BJJ


Arm In Guillotine in BJJ

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 3: Closed Guard Sweeps

Sweeping from the Closed Guard is typically the first set of attacks that you’ll master as an absolute beginner.  Sweeping your partner is often much easier than winning a submission over them.  Furthermore, the Closed Guard is notably an easier position to attack from because of the strong control you have over your partner; thus, slowing them down and eliminates scrambles.


Hip Bump Sweep in BJJ


Setting up the Scissor Sweep in BJJ

Reverse Scissor

The Reverse Scissor Sweep in BJJ

Armpit / Knee Flower

The Flower Sweep In BJJ

Flower Sweep

The Flower Sweep in BJJ with the Armbar

Back take

The Back Take from Closed Guard in BJJ

Omoplata Sweep

The Omoplata Sweep in BJJ

Double ankle sweep

The Lumber Jack sweep in BJJ

Single ankle sweep

The hand stand sweep in BJJ

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 4: Side control

Winning the Side Control position is one of the first dominant positions you’ll achieve as a complete beginner.  When you successfully execute a sweep or a takedown on your partner or when you win a solid Guard Pass; most likely , you’ll find yourself in Side Control.


Move to knee on belly

Move to mount

Submissions From Cross Side

180 armbar

Near side armbar


The Americana shoulder lock in BJJ


Straight armbar

The Figure 4 straight armbar in BJJ

Scarf hold Americana with legs

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 5: Half Guard

Top Half Guard 


The Americana from top Half Guard in BJJ


The Kimura from Top Half Guard in BJJ

Straight arm bar

The Figure 4 Straight Armbar from Top Half Guard in BJJ

Bottom Half Guard 

Old school sweep

Old School Sweep from Half Guard in BJJ

Reverse Old school sweep

Back take

Leg hug gator roll

Reverse Old School Sweep from Half Guard in BJJ

Half Guard Bottom


Kimura from Half Guard in BJJ


Guillotine Choke from Half Guard in BJJ

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 6: Knee on Belly

Knee on Belly

Loop choke

Lapel Choke from Knee Mount in BJJ

Baseball choke

180 armbar

180 Armbar from Knee Mount in BJJ

Near side armbar

Knee on Belly Advancements

Move to mount

Maintaining the Mount position in BJJ

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 7: Back Control

Seat belt

Maintaining the Back position in BJJ


The Rear Naked Choke in BJJ

Bow and arrow

The Bow And Arrow Choke in BJJ


Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 8: Turtle attacks

Seat belt

Controlling the Top Turtle position in BJJ


Clock choke

Modified bow and arrow

The modified Bow And Arrow Choke in BJJ

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 9: Butterfly Guard


Elevator/ butterfly sweep

Arm drag

The Arm Drag from Butterfly Guard in BJJ

Rock up when flat

Butterfly Guard Submissions

Guillotine w. Sweep

The Butterfly Guard Sweep in BJJ

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 10: Positional Escapes

Side Control

Hip escape to Re-Guard

Defending the Guard Pass in BJJ

Bridge to Single Leg

Scarf Hold

Bridge and roll

Back take

Mount Escape

Arm / leg trap

Bridge , hold, and shrimp

Bridge Escape into Butterfly Guard from bottom Mount in BJJ

Back Escape

Straight arm

Hook removal

Knee on Belly Escape

Force half guard

Belt grab to ankle pick

Turtle Escape

Arm trap “Anthony” sweep

Straight leg sweep

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 11: Submission Defense

Armbar from guard

Stack and bulldog

Armbar From Mount Escape


Head inside

Triangle Escape

Stack, rechoke, and rotate

Posture and pull

Kimura Escape

Defend hand and pass to back

Winning the back position in BJJ

Omoplata Escape

Jump across

Completing the Omoplata escape in BJJ

Dive under

Collar Choke Escape

Grip break


Americana Escape

Elbow pull

Elbow push

Ankle Lock Escape

Put on the boot

Essential BJJ Techniques Chapter 12: Take Downs


Single leg

The Single Leg Takedown for BJJ

Double leg

The Double Leg Takedown for BJJ


Osoto Gari (1)

Osoto Gari throw for BJJ

Uchi Mata (2)

Kosoto gari (3)

Drop Seo Nagi

O goshi

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