BJJ Defined: How BJJ is Simply a Solution for a Problem

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How is BJJ defined?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is merely a solution to a problem.

BJJ is a grappling art were the foundational position is the Guard. The Guard in BJJ is similar to “keeping your hands up” in Boxing. Not only is the Guard the main defensive structure you are maintaining in order to keep your head and our torso safe but it is also the primary offensive platform in which you can launch your attacks.

If you are in a fight and you suddenly fall down to the ground and you wind up lying on your back then BJJ has a solution to this problem. You can give your attacker your legs, meaning that you are point your legs at your attacker and you are thus placing them in your Guard.

This is a simple breakdown of BJJ but one that allows a novice to immediately understand the complexities of BJJ.

BJJ defined as a solution is a simple definition of this complex art so that novices understand the utility of the sport. Jiu Jitsu has a practical approach to self defense. If you’re being attacked, it’s foolish to think you should fall to your butt and try and triangle choke your attacker.

Knowing how to fight off your back is an insurance policy and stems from the “what if” scenario of fighting. What if you tripped over a curb running away from an attacker and they are now suddenly kneeling on your chest punching you in the face; then, Jiu Jitsu has the solution to this problem and the Jiu Jitsu training that you’ve had will help you escape from this position and create enough injury to your attacker – maybe a choke or an arm bar- so that you can escape and gain safety.

Check out my video tutorial on how Jiu Jitsu is merely a solution for a problem.

Ritchie Yip

Ritchie Yip

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