How To Do An Advanced Kickboxing Combination Drill

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Today, we’re going to take a step by step look at an advanced kickboxing combination drill to help you with your coordination and to help you seamlessly combine your punches and kicks together.

Let’s start things off with an indepth look at the Jab and lead leg hook kick combination.

In the kickboxing video tutorial below, the movement of the rear leg is explained. The rear leg moves in a specific manner directly after the Jab is thrown to facilitate the proper hip position for the hook kick.

Students who are new to kickboxing will immediately find this tutorial helpful in setting up their hook kicks with the Jab.

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Next is a simple kickboxing combination that utilizes the Jab, lead leg hook kick and then the straight right hand.

The most difficult portion of the kickboxing combination is the lead leg hook kick and how it links together with the jab.

Kickboxing students typically find trouble with the fluidity of the jab combined with the lead leg hook kick.

This kickboxing combination with help students establish a strong sense of multi-limb coordination as they execute this technique.

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Now we’re going to get a bit more complex with a complete kicking and punching attack series.

The kickboxing combination is a 4 strike system.

The most difficult part of this combination is the final kick. The kick is a variation on the rear leg hook kick called the rear leg fade away hook kick.

A “fade away” strike generally refers to a strike thrown in a retreating counter striking manner.

In this case, the fade away rear leg hook kick is down simply for the sake of attaining proper range for the kick.

If the kick were to be thrown without the “fade away” component, the kick would be too close to the target.

This kickboxing combination not only helps students to attain proper coordination and form for the strikes but it also helps students to see the correct range for each of the strikes.

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he final portion of today’s tutorial shows the complete 4 strike combination in it’s entirety.

The kickboxing combination is cycling 4 strike combination that goes- left left right right and then immediately starts up again with a right right left left.

This kickboxing combination teaches students smoothness in execution.

It helps kickboxing students understand fluidity and coordination in their movements. As well, it helps students understand rhythm and how that relates to their speed and power.

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