If you’re a total beginner to martial arts, here’s a simple guide showing you everything you need to know when you jump into your first Kickboxing class.

Kickboxing is a martial art that is based on striking.  Striking is when we are creating injury to our opponent’s torso, head and legs by creating impact through our hands and feet.


In order to strike properly, we need to stand a certain way so we can maximize our power.  The best way to look at the fighting stance is that it should kinda look like you’re pushing a Smart Car 🙂


Now that we’re in our fighting stance, I’m going to show you the best way to move your feet when you’re fighting.  Basically, there’s two ways to move your feet:

  1. Walking
  2. Shuffling

Let’s talk a little more about the fighting stance and what to do with your hands. There’s many different ways to have your hands when you’re fighting. Here’s a basic way that works for both punching and kicking.

The first strike we’re going to look at is called the Jab. It a straight punch that is thrown with the left hand.  With Kickboxing, you’ll be throwing the Jab more than any other strike; so, it’s important to learn the Jab as soon as possible.

The Straight Right Hand is sometimes called the Cross. The Cross is a powerful straight punch thrown with a powerful rotation of the hips.

The Left Hook is a quick, snapping punch that is thrown to the side of your opponent’s head or rib cage.  When you’re throwing the Left Hook, be sure to rotate your hip to maximize power.

The Right Hook is one of the most powerful punches you can thrown. Targets can be the left side of your opponent’s head or torso.  Be sure to keep your Right Hook compact and tight so that you don’t lose your balance.

Let’s take a look at upper cuts now. Think of an Uppercut as the same as a Hook but comes up from the floor. Be sure to turn your shoulders and to keep your hand vertical.

Here’s a video for the left uppercut.

The Right Uppercut is a punch that can be thrown to your opponent’s face or torso.  Keep in mind that the Uppercut is a short punch where the fist travels maybe 6 inches.  Dropping your fist down to your knees may give you more power but you’ll be open for an easy counter attack.

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the basic punches, let’s look at some kicks.  When you’re throwing kicks, you’re using your legs to develop power and speed and turning your feet into weapons of doom!

Let’s first start off with something simple.  One strike that will help you understand kicking is the knee strike.

Although not a kick, think of the knee strike as the first step in understanding how to kick with power and effectiveness.

The Foot Jab is the first kick we are going to look at.

It’s a powerful kick that you can throw to the front of your opponent’s body or head.

The final two strikes we’re going to look at are the Hook kicks. Hook kicks are sometimes called round house kicks.

Hook kicks can be thrown to your opponent’s leg, torso or head.

So that’s the basics of Kickboxing.  With some practice and some hard work, your kickboxing strikes should look like this…

Pretty cool, heh?

Oh, and the last thing I want to share with you..how to wrap your hands.

This is my favourite way to do it.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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