Hey Everybody, Richie Yip here for part 4 of our ultimate bottom cross side escape system. Today we’re going to be covering the elbow push technique

This is probably my personal favourite, it’s awesome. The best person in the world that does this is Marcello Garcia, there’s a great highlight reel of him hitting this, it’s on youtube. Check it out.

So, the Elbow push, how do you do it? Stephan is passing my guard. He’s able to go through, past the shin.

Now I need to control his lead arm with my hands before he grabs my neck.

Because of the timing and because of how heavy Stephan is, I want to try and hit the escape, but you see how I can’t just sit up, right? What I need to do is I need to deflect to the other side.

But first I need to create some more space between me and Stephan.  Do you see how I’m moving away; I’m doing what’s called a fishtail. I’m creating distance, and then, at the perfect moment, I’m going to let go and switch to controlling the back of his elbow.

I’m going to have my foot up, and then I’m going to stomp down to help me generate the force I need to sit up.

From here, in the ideal situation is to kneel up and sweep Stephan over.  Now the sweep doesn’t always happen.  If fact, the most common scenario is that a scramble will be initiated and you’ll be able to establish your Guard back.

This technique is called the Elbow push escape from bottom cross side – give it a try!

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