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Brabo Choke From Half Guard

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setting up the Brabo Choke from half guard in BJJ

The Brabo Choke From Half Guard is a powerful choke you can do when you’re in the process of passing your opponent’s Guard.

When you’re passing your partner’s guard, one the things you are fighting for control of is their neck.  As you control your partner’s neck, you can stop them from attacking you from their guard.  In addition, when you’re controlling your partner’s neck, you can also launch some of your own attacks from within their guard.

Today’s technique shows how you can execute a brabo choke from inside your partner’s half guard.

Starting from top half guard, you’re looking to hit a knee cut guard pass.  If you can’t get the pass right away, this generally means that your partner has a shin shield on you as a frame.  As well, they probably also have an underhook on you to start their own offensive attacks.

You can use this scenario to start setting up your brabo choke.  Start controlling the end of your partner’s lapel.  The key to making the brabo choke work is to get as much fabric as possible.  Thus giving you enough material to feed the label under your partner’s neck.

Once you have the lapel under your partner’s neck, over hook your partner’s under hook and get deep under your partner’s neck to grab the lapel.  Almost always, you’ll have to turn your shoulders to make this work.

Once you have the lapel in your hand, make sure that your parter’s arm is across their chest and have your shoulders directly on top of their shoulders.

Do an easy pull with your choking hand to finish the brabo choke.  In some cases, you’ll be able to finish the choke with just one hand!




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Ritchie Yip

Ritchie Yip

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