4 Week BJJ At Home Workout Plan

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Here’s a 4 week at-home BJJ workout plan that requires zero equipment! Plus, it’s designed for the absolute beginner!

This is a 4 week program with 3 workouts each week.  I’ve labelled the workouts for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; but, of course, you can do the workouts whenever your schedule allows. 😊

Quick Overview.

Each workout will take 19 minutes to finish.

The BJJ At-Home Workout is a 4 X 4; meaning, it’s a 4 minute round done 4 times with a 1 minute rest in between rounds. Thus totalling 19 minutes.

Each 19 minute BJJ At-Home Workout will consist of 4 exercises. Do each exercise for 1 minute for a total of 4 minutes.  Take a 1 minute break.

You’ll need a timer. ⏰  Just use the timer on your smart phone!!



BJJ At-Home Workout #1

Rock And Kick

The Rock And Kick is a fundamental movement in Jiu Jitsu that helps you understand how you would drive your legs up to the sky to set up your guard attacks like triangle choke, omoplata, or arm bar.


Backward Shoulder Roll

This is a critical movement in Jiu Jitsu.  BJJ training is often called “Rolling”; and thus, being able to turn yourself into a ball, keep your elbows and your knees together, and create momentum is key to doing Jiu Jitsu.



Shoulder Shuffle

In BJJ, you have to learn how to walk all over again.  Moving on your back is completely strange.  One simple way to start learning how to move on your back is with the shoulder shuffle.  Always try and keep your hip off the floor with this movement.



The Short Knee Cut

The knee cut guard pass is the most common guard pass in BJJ.  Here’s an exercise to help you understand how to turn your hips so you can execute the knee cut.





BJJ At-Home Workout #2

Kicking Up

Isolating your upper body and being able to drive your legs up to the sky is critical for attacking from your guard.  As you do these kick ups, try to keep your head still!



The Knee Cut

Here is the full movement of the knee cut.  This is also known as a sit out in wrestling.  Basically, you kick across – your right foot goes to where your left hand was; and then, your left foot goes to where your



The Bear Crawl

The bear crawl is an exercise to help you develop speed and agility as you pass guard.  Be sure to stay and your toes and focus on keeping your feet fast!



Step Up From Kneeling

Popping one foot up is a critical part of passing someone’s closed guard.  Focus on keeping your back straight.  And try to maintain a steady rhythm.




BJJ At-Home Workout #3

180 Rock

As your partner attempt to pass your guard, you’ll need to change the angle of your hips so your guard always points towards them.  The 180 rock will allow you to change directions quickly when you’re on your back.



Quick Knee Cut

The knee cut is the most popular guard pass on the planet.  It is typically done with speed and suddenness.  Here’s the knee cut drill again; only this time, try to do it as fast as you can!



Technical Standup (Left hand forward)

The technical standup is the most important technique in BJJ.  You being able to standup from your back safely and effectively is the most critical part of Jiu Jitsu.  Focus on keeping your back straight throughout this entire movement.



Technical Standup (Right hand forward)

It’s is imperative that you can do the technical standup on both sides.  Like before, focus on keeping your back straight.




BJJ At-Home Workout #4


Rocking S Sit

The S sit mimics the action of an omoplata shoulder lock. Plus, it’s also a great dynamic stretch for your glutes!



Knee Cut With A Follow Through

Here’s a more advanced version of the knee cut.  Kick across with your left leg and then kick over with your right leg.  This mimics completing a guard pass and then solidifying cross side.



The Sprawl

The sprawl is an effective defense to a double leg takedown.  As well, it’s a great way to get your heart and lungs pumping!


Alternating Technical Standups

Here’s the technical standup again; only this time, you’ll alternating your right hand forward and your left hand forward.




BJJ At-Home Workout #5

Alternating S Sit

Maintaining balance and building core strength is critical to Jiu Jitsu. The Alternating S Sit builds both these things while raising the coordination in your legs.



Monkey Shuffle

The monkey shuffle is to help you with your guard passing.  You want to be able to switch from side to side as you try to go around your partner’s guard.



The Sprawl

Once again we have the sprawl.  This is a grappling staple.



The Triangle Choke

The triangle choke is one of the most powerful submissions from your guard.  Kick both legs up to the sky.  As your legs come down, bring your foot behind your knee.




BJJ At-Home Workout #6

Rope Pull

The Rope Pull mimics your attacks from Butterfly Guard. Imagine yourself hitting an Arm Drag. Or attacking with a Seating Single Leg when you’re doing your Rope Pulls.

And combine it with the…



Push The Wall

By Pushing The Wall, you’re defending a Guard Pass. Or maybe you’re creating space from an attempted takedown.  Combine the rope pull with the wall push for a 2 minute round!



Long Step

The long step guard pass is a dynamic way to pass the guard.  Image having control of your partner’s neck as you step back to complete the guard pass.



Standing Up From Kneeling

One of the most practical ways to pass the closed guard is to stand up.  Practice this maneuver by starting off on your knees and popping up on your feet.




BJJ At-Home Workout #7


Triangle Choke

Again we have the Triangle Choke.  Coordinating your legs and driving your hips up to the sky is critical for Jiu Jitsu.




Bridging is the basis for developing power when you’re on your back.  Slam your toes into the floor, drive your hips up to the sky, and bring your eyes to the mat.



Crab Walk

Basically an upside down bear crawl.  Keep your hips off the floor as you walk forward and back on your heels and hands.



Donkey Kick

The donkey kick is an explosive movement that simulates how you would jump over your partner’s guard.




BJJ At-Home Workout #8

One Legged Bridge (Left)

Having an explosive, sudden Bridge in Jiu Jitsu will help you get out of some sticky situations.  Try with just your left foot as you bridge into your right shoulder.


One Legged Bridge (Right)

Same as before, now only with the right foot.  Be sure to focus on bringing your hips up to the sky as you look to the left!



Leg Circles (Right)

Leg circles help you retain your guard as well as set up attacks from spider guard.  Try to imagine that you’re drawing a big circle with your big toe.  And be sure to go clockwise and counter clockwise.



Leg Circles (Left)

Same as before, only with your left leg now.  For added difficulty, try to keep your hip off the floor the entire time.




BJJ At-Home Workout #9


Double Leg Takedown

The double leg takedown is a primary takedown in wrestling and a critical technique in Jiu Jitsu.  Starting in a low stance, drop your left knee to the ground, walk forward with your right leg, and then drive up!

For added complexity, try doing this with your left leg forward, and then with your right leg forward!



Here we have the bridge again!  Slam your toes into the floor, drive your hips up to the sky, and bring your eyes to the mat.  And be sure to work both your right side and your left side!!



Forward Shoulder Rolls

Previously, we looked at the Backwards Shoulder Roll. The exact same except you’re going forwards. Remember, keep your body like a ball, tuck your chin and keep your head off the mat. Try rolling over both your right shoulder and your left shoulder!!



Ski Slopes

Ski Slopes will help you develop the agility you need to switch directions quickly when you’re Passing Guard.




BJJ At-Home Workout #10


180 Triangle Choke

Before, we looked at a simple Triangle Choke drill. Progressively, try the Triangle Choke drill with a 180 degree turn. The 180 turn will mimic the angle you’ll need to achieve when you hit the Triangle Choke in class.



Bridge And Turn

The bridge and turn mimics how you would escape from bottom cross side to go to all fours.  Be sure to do this on both your right side and your left side.



Sumo Step

Having strong legs is imperative for grappling.  Whether you’re passing guard or you’re attempting a takedown, having strong legs will always be an asset.  Keep your back straight, your hips low, and your feet always moving.



Egg Beaters

Earlier, we had you do leg circles.  Egg beaters are simple the next progression!  You’re doing leg circles with both legs simultaneously. Focus on moving your hips side to side!




BJJ At-Home Workout #11

Shrimping (Right Side)

Similar to footwork for Boxing, Shrimping is just footwork when you’re on your back. You’ll use Shrimping to maintain the distance between you and your partner. Shrimping is a critical skill for Jiu Jitsu and should be practiced every class.  Go two times forward; and then, two times back. If you’re having troubles with this movement, check out my “How To Shrimp” breakdown!



Shrimping (Left Side)

Just as before, only now on your left side.  Do your best to keep your left elbow and left knee together.



Seated Break Fall

It’s important to learn how to fall safely in Judo, wrestling, and jiu jitsu.  The first phase of this is to start in a seated position and hit the mat with your hand as you rock backwards.



Sprawl Into Double Leg Combo

Here we’re combining a defensive move along with an offensive move. Immediately after hitting your sprawl, drive your left knee to the ground to drive up for your double leg takedown.




BJJ At-Home Workout #12

Stationary Shrimp One Foot (Left)

The key in Stationary Shrimping is to keep your knees close to your chest. In addition, make this harder by keeping your hip off the ground. Most importantly, focus on keeping your elbow and knee together.  Note how as my left foot is on the ground, I’m keeping my right elbow and my right knee connected.



Stationary Shrimp One Foot (Right)

Now try with just your right foot on the ground!  Do your best to keep your left elbow and left knee together.  And for further complexity, try to have your hip off the ground the entire time!



Breakfall From Your Feet

Here’s the next progression in learning how to fall safely.  Now start on your feel in a low stance.


Sprawl/Double Leg Combo

We’ve seen this one before, but it’s a foundational movement for grappling!!

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