BJJ Basics: How to Stop Someone from Passing Your Guard

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Today I’m going to talk about the most common guard pass that you’ll see in virtually every single Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school

You see this Guard pass in the UFC and in tournaments all around the world.

Then, I’m going to talk about a really cool BJJ training drill to nullify that guard pass.

BJJ Basics: The Common Guard Pass

I’m going to begin in my training partner’s full guard. I’m going to check his right thigh with my left forearm. As I do that I’m going to step over with my left knee, placing my knee on his right thigh.

Then I’m going to reach for his neck with my left arm. As I do this I’m going to cross my ankles, so that way I don’t wind up in his Half Guard. I’m also going to put lots of pressure through my left shoulder into his neck.

Now I’m going to make a hinge through my left elbow, through my knee, and through my feet so I can turn out and there’s the guard pass. To finish the guard pass, I’m just going to kneel.

Now my training partner is going to circle his right thigh so that he re-guards right away. Now I can repeat the above on his left side.

BJJ Basics: How to Nullify the Guard Pass

1) Granby Roll

Let’s say that my training partner is passing my guard. As he steps over my thigh with his knee and he reaches for my neck, I’ve got to stop him from checking my neck. If he has my neck, I won’t be able to turn away and complete this move. He’s already come all the way through, turned his torso and he’s pretty much got cross-side.

I’m going to turn away, and roll away from him. This is dangerous. I put one shoulder onto the mat. I extend my legs and put my hips in the air. Now I bump him with my hip and make a big circle with my left leg so that I re-guard.

2) Elbow Push

Here is another way to defend against this guard pass. My training partner is passing my guard. As he comes through and reaches for my neck, I stop him by checking his arm with both my arms. As he comes across, I grab his left elbow with my right hand and shove it across over my head, to the far side of my body and push it to the floor. I shrimp away then I re-guard.

3) Thigh Bump

This is the final way to break apart this guard pass. As my training parter is sliding through, I’m going to do a counter-attack. I’m going to nudge him with my opposite thigh and check his shoulder, putting his weight on the mat instead of me. Then I’m going to shrimp away.

This almost looks like a scissor sweep, but I’m not using my shin.

This is a great drill to do. Helps with timing, helps my training parter work on that fundamental guard pass, and helps me with stopping this guard pass.  

Stopping the guard pass and maintaining your guard is one of the most critical BJJ basics.

Practice this drill and I promise it will help you.

Be sure to check out the video below where I break down each of these elements in further detail.

Right on Team, talk to you all later,

Video: How to stop someone from passing your guard

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Ritchie Yip

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