How to Escape from Bottom Mount

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Escaping bottom mount in BJJ

Mount is one of the most dominant positions in BJJ and thus defending this position can be nightmarish for anyone. Here’s a simple and effective formula to stay safe in this suffocating position.

When you’re in Bottom Mount:

  1. Your upper body monitors your partner’s lower body
  2. Your lower body monitors your partner’s upper body

This is the simple formula you need to use to stay safe in Bottom Mount. Use this formula to prevent getting choked out or Armbarred.

And use this formula to eventually escape.

The mistake most BJJ beginner’s make when they’re defending from Bottom Mount is they use their upper body to control their partner’s upper body. They’ll try and bench press themselves free or they’ll try and reach and grab their partner’s arms. Doing this leads to easy Armbars for the person on top.

The proper way to defend in Bottom Mount is to use your upper body to frame against your partner’s hips so they can’t migrate up to High Mount where they can Armbar you immediately.

As well, it’s critical that you use your lower body to bridge off the mat so that your partner’s hands are constantly occupied because they have to monitor their balance. Doing this will prevent the top player from using their hands to set up their Collar Chokes.

Your upper body checks their lower body. And your lower body monitors their upper body. Use this simple formula to stay safe in Bottom Mount so can escape and win back a dominant position.




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Ritchie Yip

Ritchie Yip

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