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If your partner is controlling you by having turned your spine, arm, or leg into a lever, the first step in defending your partner’s attack is to extract the lever and to turn the lever back into a frame.

Omoplata Defense

When attacking with an Omoplata, there’s two levers at play. The first lever is your spine and the second lever is your forearm. Firstly, you need to get your head up; thus, turning your spine back into a frame.

Omoplata Escape BJJ Technique

Next, control your partner’s foot to turn their leg into a lever, and turn your thumb so you can pull your arm free.

Guillotine Choke Defense

Imagine the Guillotine Choke like a paper cutter. Your neck is the sheet of paper. Your partner’s shoulder is the base of the paper cutter.

Guillotine Defense BJJ Technique

And your partner’s forearm is the blade of the paper cutter. Turn your head so your left ear is against your partner’s sternum so now there’s no paper for the paper cutter to cut.

Triangle Choke Defense

For the Triangle Choke to work, the main lever to attack is the spine; thus, defending the Triangle Choke, the first step ought to be getting your posture back.

Triangle Defense BJJ Technique

Once the posture is established, look to get your second hand back inside.

Armbar From Guard Defense

There’s two levers at work when you’re attacking an Armbar From the Guard. You need to attack the lever of the spine and bring your partner’s head as close to the mat as possible. Also, you’re turning their arm into a lever; and thus, into a stick that you’re trying to break.

Armbar From Guard Defense BJJ Technique

To defend the Armbar, firstly, bend your elbow to shorten the lever. Next, build up your posture so that you’re spine is a frame and your nose is directly over your partner’s nose. Control your partner’s leg as a lever and pull your arm free.

Armbar From Mount

If your partner is attacking you with an Armbar from Mount, the key thing is to look to get the lever of your arm back. Begin by bending your elbow, grabbing on to your own lapel to shorten the lever as much as possible.

Armbar Defense BJJ Technique

As well, bench press your partner’s heel up to turn their leg into a lever. And now, fight to get your elbow back to your hip.

Kimura Defense

Jiu Jitsu is just stick fighting and the battle between frame and levers is the key principle behind all BJJ Techniques.

Kimura Defense BJJ Technique

When your partner is attacking you with a Kimura, grab the base of your hand, bring your left hand into your left armpit to extract the lever.

Cross Lapel Choke From Mount Defense

A Cross Choke from Mount is done by turning your forearms into a scissor; and thus, you need to disassemble the scissor to defend the choke.  The best way to do this is to not let the send hand come in to control your lapel.  A scissor needs two blades to work.  Constantly bridge so that your partner’s second hand is posting on the floor.  At the right moment, bridge and roll to escape Bottom Mount.

Cross Lapel Choke From Guard Defense

A Cross Choke from the Guard is basically you turning your forearms into a pair of scissors. And thus, the defense is to not let your partner get their second hand on to your collar. Scissors can’t function with only one blade. If both hands are on your collar, walk your head north of your partner.

Closed Guard Lapel Choke Defense BJJ Technique

Keep one hand on the ground and push your partner’s elbow up so that the scissors are out of alignment.

Bow & Arrow Choke

The Bow & Arrow Choke is essentially a paper cutter. Your neck is the sheet of paper and your partner’s hand on your collar is the blade of the paper cutter. Position your head so that your head is on your partner’s sternum and your spine is parallel to your partner’s spine. Now there’s no paper for the paper cutter to cut.

Bow And Arrow Choke Escape BJJ Technique

Bring the crown of your under your partner’s armpit to slip out of the choke and to get past the blade of the paper cutter.

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