Hey Everybody,

Ritchie here.

I just finished up a long day of video editing and I thought I’d launch one of the new vids on our blog before I head off for dinner.

This video is totally kickass!

Today, we’ve got sponsored competitor, Matt Kwan, showing us one of his favourite BJJ techniques. I roll with Matt regularly and believe me, Matt is a BEAST on the mats. We’re also lucky enough to have him as one of our instructors at our Burnaby location.

Matt is showing us a Reverse Dela Riva Guard Sweep. The position starts off with Matt in Reverse Dela Spider Guard- yes, that’s actually what it’s called- and then he transitions underneath.

The spiralling transition in Reverse DLR is a BJJ technique most commonly referred to as “Kiss of the Dragon” although that generally connotes a spin through to the back.

Matt, however; pauses mid spin to apply a brutal Guard configuration that he calls “Reverse X-Guard”.

And he swept me like a hardwood floor with this. I couldn’t believe how strong this position was.

Matt finishes the sweep with a super technical Leg Drag Guard Pass. BJJ Black Belt, Rob Biernacki, from Island Top Team really helped us out with the details on this Leg Drag. Thanks Professor Rob!

Anyways, enough of me talking and more of you watching.

Check out the vid and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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