The 3 Most Common Mistakes With The Jab

The Jab is the most fundamental punch in Boxing and in Kickboxing.  Mastering the Jab is the path to mastering Boxing.  But there are certain inherent mistakes with this punch that almost everyone makes.  Keep these 3 common mistakes in mind when you’re sparring and training and your Boxing technique will improve faster.

Mistake #1: Telegraphing The Jab
Pumping your hand down before you punch is one of the most common mistakes that almost every beginner makes.  The key thing is that the Jab needs to strike directly towards the target.  Pulling your hand down first may feel like you’re hitting with more power but you’re only alerting your opponent that you’re about to attack.  Focus on throwing your punches directly to the target.
Mistake #2: Chin Is Up
This is a common mistake with all punches and not just with the Jab.  It’s natural for us to keep our chin up.  We keep our chin up we talk to people and when we walk down the street.  But, keeping our chin up is going to get us into trouble when we’re Kickboxing.  Keep your chin down when you’re throwing your punches.
Mistake #3: Elbow Is Up
It’s a common mistake to lift your elbow up as you throw your Jab.  You want to keep your elbow in and you want to keep your forearm vertical as you’re throwing your Jab.  Lifting up your elbow will only make your punches easier to see by your opponent.  This will only lead you to getting your attacks defended and then countered.  Keep your elbow in while you throw your Jab and your it will instantly land more successfully.
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Ritchie Yip
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Ritchie Yip
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