Hey everybody, Ritchie Yip here, continuing on with our escaping bottom cross side series. This will be part 3 – how to reguard. This is just a different variation from part two. It’s just a different position on how Stephan is going to maintain top cross side.

So let’s just say that Stephan is passing my guard. Once he’s passed, what does he want? He wants my neck, so if he’s able to get my neck right away, this sucks.

Now remember, escaping bottom cross side begins as soon as he gets past my knees.

I need to go and make sure that he cannot get his elbow underneath my neck and shoulder close to me; thus, controlling my neck and crushing out my jaw.

I’m keeping him at bay with my arms, but furthermore I’m also keeping my feet on the floor, I’m moving up my hip and then I’m moving my shoulders.

With me moving my shoulders, I’m basically moving my head like it’s the tail of a fish.

From here, when I feel comfortable, when I have as much distance as possible, I’m now going to quickly move my feet. I move my feet so I can bridge quickly into Stephan.

I bridge, I shrimp out, and now I’m able to get my guard back.

But the key thing is to move my head, and to move my shoulders back. I am pretending that my shoulder blades are feet, and I am rolling my shoulders.

If I do this a little bit faster, I almost look like the tail of a fish.

This is a critical skill. Being able to move when you are on your back is a critical skill for jiu-jitsu and one that is often neglected by many white belts.

Alright, so, the key thing is that I don’t wait until he locks down on my head in order to get that cross side escape and reguard. Give it a try. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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