the superman punch for kickboxing

3 Common Mistakes With The Superman Punch

The Superman Punch is a powerful punch that is set up first with a fake kick.  It’s amazingly powerful and it works great in sparring.  But, there’s some inherent mistakes that beginners make when they first start learning this technique.  Be sure to aware of these common flaws when you’re training and you’ll be moving like a pro in no time!

1) Not kicking back on your Superman Punch.

If you’re throwing a fake kick with your right leg to set up your right punch, you’ll want to snap your right leg back. It’ll feel totally unnatural and awkward if you’ve never done this before,.   By letting your right leg fall forward while you throw your right punch, you won’t have nearly as much power.  By snapping your right leg back as you throw your right punch, you’ll get much more power in your punch.

2) Not having your back foot on the ground.

It’s critical that you have your right foot on the ground as you throw your right hand for the Superman Punch.  There’s many people who throw this technique with their right leg off the ground.  GOAT MMA fighter George St. Pierre keeps his right foot off the ground for the Superman Punch.  But..YOU are not George St. Pierre!  Keep your right foot on the ground when you throw your Superman Punch and you’ll have more balance and stability.  Plus, you’ll be able to defend possible counter attacks if your attack doesn’t land.

3) Not hoping forward with your lead foot.

You need to hop forward with your lead foot when you’re throwing your Superman Punch.  Not only will you get more power in the punch but you’ll be in the correct range to land the final punch.  If you stomp your right leg back for your right Superman Punch, you’ll be way too far away to hit your opponent.  So, hop forward with your lead leg and you’ll have more power and the correct distance to land your attack.

Ritchie Yip
Ritchie Yip
Ritchie Yip