5 Ways To Stay Motivated To Exercise Regularly

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You probably know that exercise is good for you; but, why is it so difficult to exercise regularly?

There are so benefits working out.  You get:

➡️Increased happiness
➡️Better sleep
➡️Improved self confidence and increased self love
➡️More energy
➡️Reduction in anxiety and depression
➡️Reports of being more productive at work
➡️Increased cognitive performance
➡️ ..and extended life expectancy.

Science has come up with 5 factors that will help us stick to our exercise routines and this amazing 2 1/2 minute animated short explains everything for us.

Summary: Simple Ways To Exercise Regularly

1) Whatever you do, it must be enjoyable. Whether it’s playing soccer, or kickboxing, yoga or going for a walk with a friend.  You’ve gotta love doing it.

2) Working out has to be easily accessible to you.  Join a gym that’s close to your work or to your home.  Workout where ever or whenever you can.   Whenever you’re on the phone, get up and walk around.  Stand whenever you’re on the bus. Park further away from your office and walk in.

3) Your workout has to be time efficient. Simply put, if you’re in the gym for more than an hour; then, you’re probably too busy posting selfies.  Train smarter, not harder. Do full body compound exercises instead of exercises that isolate only one muscle group. Or do high intensity intervals where you’re switching from a pulling exercise to a pushing exercise to a cardio exercise.

4) You’ve got to see results.  If you don’t see results, then you’re just not going to stay motivated.  If you’re  hitting the gym every other day but you’re not seeing results; then, there may be a problem.   Perhaps you’re not working out hard enough.  Maybe your diet is poor.

Oh, and are you tracking your results?  Just going by how you look can be deceiving.  And just weighing yourself can be misleading as well.

5) Your workouts must be planned.  So, think of it like a doctor’s appointment or a date with a friend.  It needs to be a part of your schedule.   Try to best utilize weekends, the time before and after work or on your lunch break.  Work out with a friend and help each other stay accountable.  Join the local hockey league or soccer team- group activities are always fun and you keep each other motivated.

These are your 5 ways to stay motivated to workout. 😃


Ritchie Yip

Ritchie Yip

Ritchie Yip is the Head Instructor for InFighting Training Centers located in Downtown Vancouver and Brentwood Burnaby. InFighting Training Centers offers programs in Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bootcamp Conditioning Classes and Personal Training