The Ultimate Guide To Kickboxing Heavy Bag Training

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Here’s your ultimate guide to Kickboxing heavy bag training!  These are drills on the heavy bag to help you develop your punches, kicks, elbows, knees, boxing combinations, and kickboxing combinations.


Starting things off we have boxing heavy bag drills.  All of these drills in this first section focus on perfecting your punches.  Straight punches, hooks, and uppercuts – it’s all here!  Not just drills but also cool punching combos to help you with your sparring!



Running And Hitting

Here’s a basic Boxing heavy bag training drill to introduce you punching.  Always bring your hands back to your chin after you punch and be sure to keep you knees up as you do this drill!

Showing us how it’s done, here’s a young Vitor Belfort achieving success with the running and hitting technique in the octagon!!



Shuffle Left Jab

With your left foot forward, shuffle forward as you throw your straight left punch.  Keep your right hand up.  And then, spring back as you retract your punch.



Shuffle Right Jab

Keeping your feet fast, snap out your straight right punch as you maintain a right foot forward stance.



1 Duck, 2 Duck

Here we’re combining a defensive move with an offensive move.  If someone is trying to punch you in the face, just move your face!  In this heavy bag training drill we’re going to move our head straight down.  It’s called a duck.  Basically, it’s a lunge where you’re bringing your right knee down towards the ground.  Come up with a 1 – a straight left punch.  And then, come up again with a 2 – a straight right punch.



Switching 1,1,2

Stay on your toes and step in as you throw a double left Jab (1); and then follow through with a straight right hand.  Immediately, switch your feet so your right foot is now forward and do a double right Jab with a straight left hand.



1, Low 2, 1, 2

Here we have a heavy bag training drill combination. A straight left punch (1), down to a low straight right (2) to the body, into a final jab (1) and straight right punch (2).

Be sure to bring your right knee down during your low 2 😃



Left Hooks

Continuous left hooks.  Focus on generating power through your left foot.  And be sure to keep your right hand up!



Right Hook

Same as before; only this time, continuous right hooks.  Keep your abs tight and drive into the punch with your right foot.



Shuffle 3’s

3’s are left hooks. Imagine punching someone in their right ear!  Step to the side as you punch.  And focus on making a 90 degree bend in your elbow when you’re punching.



Shuffling 4’s

4’s are right hooks.  With 4’s, you’re punching someone in the left ear, left side of the jaw, or the left side of their ribs.  Keep your left hand up and step side to side as you punch!



Step 3, Step 4

Step with your left foot and throw your left hook (3); and then, step with your right foot to throw your right hook (4)



5, 6, 3, 4

Here’s fun drill combining your uppercuts with your hooks.  Starting off with a left uppercut (5), into a right uppercut (6), with a left hook (3), and finishing with a right hook (4)



Straight Right Into Left Hook

With your left foot forward, throw your straight right hand and on the retraction of that punch, throw your left hook.  Lift your right heel as you’re throwing your right punch; and then, lift your left heel as you’re throwing your left hook.



Straight Left Into Right Hook

Similar to before, only now, you’re starting this drill with your right foot forward.  Turn your shoulders as you throw your straight left hand; and then, follow it up with your right hook.



Low Hook, High Hook

Starting with a low right hook by lowering your hips; and then drive up to followup with a high left hook.  Immediately, drop your hips for a left hook and then pop up for a high right hook.

Nobody does the low hook high hook combination better than Mike Tyson 😃👍



1, Uppercut, 2, Uppercut

Here’s a really fun drill that totally works your core!!  Start by throwing a straight left punch.  As you throw you left punch, drop your right shoulder down to set up your right uppercut. Now, throw a straight right punch and simultaneously drop your left shoulder to set up your left uppercut.  Have fun!!



1, 2, 5, 2

This is a classic boxing combination and one of my personal favourites.  Begin with a straight left jab (1), followed by a straight right hand (2).  Next, drop your left shoulder for left uppercut (5); and then, finish with a final straight right hand (2).



Boxing Combo 1, 2, 3, 4

Here’s one of my favourite boxing combinations!  Starting off with a Jab (1), then a straight right hand (2), into a left hook (3), followed up by a final right hook (4).

*Remember to walk forward with your right foot as you throw your 4!! 😃👍






Alternating Foot Jabs

Here’s a classic kickboxing heavy bag training drill for you.  Start off with lifting your left knee up to your chest.  As you extend your leg for the kick be sure to aim with the ball of your foot.  Immediately skip into the right kick.  Keep a high pace with this one!!



Alternating Back Kicks

One of my all time favourite heavy bag training drills.  Start by bending from the waist. Look over your shoulder as you bring your knee up to your chest.  Aim with your heel as you extend you leg straight back.



Left Hook Kick

Also called a roundhouse kick, imagine kicking someone in the right ear or in the right side of their ribs.  Try to keep your right hand up!!



Right Hook Kick

Sometimes, this is called a roundhouse kick. Try to keep your left hand up and image kicking someone in their left ear, left side of their ribcage, or to the outside of their left leg.



Right Side Kick

Lift your right knee up to you chest and then extend your right leg out to the side.  Predominately aiming with your heel towards your imaginary target.



Left Side Kick

Side kicks really work your glutes!!  Focus on bringing your left knee up to your chest first before you extend your leg out.  Aim with your heel and try to keep your right hand up!



Left Foot Jab,  Right Hook Kick

Lift up your left knee for your left foot jab and then immediately throw your right kick.  Try to land your right kick before your left foot hits the ground.



Right Foot Jab, Left Hook Kick

Same as before.  Imagine trying to skip into your left kick as you complete your right foot jab.



Right Foot Jab, Right Hook Kick

Start things off by bringing your right knee up to your chest to chamber your leg for your right foot jab.  Aim for the heavy bag with the ball of your right foot.  Step in for your right hook kick and try to hit the heavy bag as it swings back into you!



Left Foot Jab, Left Hook Kick

You’re doing the same combination; now just with the left leg.  Launch the bag with your foot jab and then hit it as it swings back with your left hook kick!



Alternating Hook Kicks

Try to have at least one hand up to your chin as you’re cycling through this drill.  Do your best to kick as high as you can to get the most out of this drill.



Right Crescent Kick, Right Hook Kick

For the right crescent kick, imagine you’re drawing a clockwise circle with your foot.  Your crescent kick missed the heavy bag entirely – it’s about developing the range of motion and hip dexterity.  Plus, the crescent kick is just a fun kick to throw!  Follow up the crescent kick with an immediate hook kick!



Left Crescent Kick, Left Hook Kick

Same as before; but now, with the left leg.  Your left crescent kick is a counter clockwise circle.  And as soon as your left foot lands, launch an immediate left hook kick!



Left Knee Into Right Kick

For this heavy bag training drill, try to skip into this one! And be sure to keep your right hand up!





Right Knee Into Left Kick

Just like before, only with the left knee into the right kick.  It’s all about going directly into the kick after you lift your left knee!



Knee, Right Kick, Knee, Left Kick

This one really gets your heart racing!! Skip into your right kick directly after you lift your left knee.  And then, skip into your left kick immediately after you lift your right knee.  Try to kick the bag as it swings back!!


Here’s a slick example of how this knee/kick combo would work in real life!!



Foot Jab, Hook Kick, Side Kick

By combining these kicks, you can see how the angle of your hip facilitates the type of kick you throw.  In addition, note how important it is to aim with the correct part of your foot for each kick.  Foot jab – ball of your foot.  Hook Kick – your shin.  Side Kick – sole of your foot.



Shin Kick Into Hook Kick

This combination was made famous by Bruce Lee!  You can see this combo when he fights Chuck Norris in the movie “The Way Of The Dragon”



Hopscotch Back Kick

Here’s some fancy footwork for you to set up your right spinning back kick.  Launch a right hook kick; and then, on the retraction, hop and cross your legs!  This will put you in the perfect position to land your spinning back kick.



Hook Kick Fake Into Spinning Back Kick

This is a cool set up you can do when you’re sparring!  Do 2 left hook kicks; and then, use the 3rd kick as a fake so you can turn your body around to land your right spinning back kick.



Spinning Back Kick

Here’s super fun technique to practice!  For a right back kick, turn your left foot so your left heel points towards your target.  Focus on bringing your right knee up to your chest and then extend straight back towards the heavy bag!

For inspiration, check out this killer spinning back kick!!



This section is where we’re going to focus on combining our hands with out feet.  The way I see it, there’s 3 aspects to Kickboxing.  There’s boxing – just striking with our hands.  Then there’s kicking – just striking with our feet.  And then, there’s kickboxing – where we’re combining our hands and our feet in a smooth synchronized manner.

As well, in this section, I’ll be showing you drills to perfect your elbow strikes and your knee strikes!! 😃👍


Right Kick Right Punch

While keeping your left hand up, start with your right kick; and then, think of doing three things at the same time – retract your right kick, throw  your right punch, and hop your left foot forward.



Left Kick Left Punch 

Just as before, only know with the left hand and the left kick.  The rhythm of this drill out to seem like you’re running but just on one side of your body 🤪



Right Kick Right Punch, Left Kick Left Punch

This is a continuous kickboxing heavy bag training drill .  Try your best to do this combination without pausing or taking a break!!



Kickboxing Combo 1, 2, 10

This is a classic kickboxing combination starting with a Jab (1), then a straight right (2), followed by a right hook kick (10)



Kickboxing Combo 2, 1, 9

This kickboxing combo is a bit more obscure but still fun to do!  It starts off with a straight right hand (2); then transitions to a straight left (1). The key thing it to pull your left leg back as you’re throwing your 1.  This gives you more power for you final strike.

You finish with a left hook kick (9)



Skip Knees

This heavy bag training drill looks like a dance from the 90’s 😃

Alternate throwing your right knee and then your left knee!

Knee strikes are a devastating tool in kickboxing; plus, throwing knees are the best way to introduce you to throwing kicks!  Keep your hands up and bring your knee up nice and high.



Elbow Knee, Elbow Knee

This is one of my favourite heavy bag training drills for self defense.  Throw your right elbow followed by your right knee.  Continue right away with your left elbow and your left knee.



Knee Kick Knee Kick (Left)

Remember, lifting up your knee is the core skill necessary for kicking. Lift your left knee up to your chest; and then, right away, launch your left kick.



Knee Kick Knee Kick (Right)

Same as before, bring your right knee up to your chest, as if you’re doing a shin block.  And then, launch a right kick right away.


To see a complete set of workouts based on these drills, check out my 4 Week Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout Plan here!!

Thanks for reading 😊👍



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