Learn the Kimura – BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

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Learn the Kimura - BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

The Kimura is a shoulder lock where the forearm is essentially a wrench that’s attached to a bolt, the upper arm. And you’re trying to break the bolt. Bolts and wrenches work at 90 degree angles against each other so it’s critical that you’re creating these angles when you’re executing your Kimura.

Closed Guard Kimura

From your Closed Guard, you’re always looking to pull your partner’s posture down. When you can’t pull your partner’s posture down; then, you have come up. Control your partner’s neck with a collar tie, put both of your feet on the ground, and push your training partner to the side by posting your right hand on the ground.

Closed Guard Kimura BJJ Technique

Your partner will post their left hand on the ground as a frame. Now, turn their frame into a lever by sliding down to control their arm and go for a Kimura.

Half Guard Kimura

There’s 2 ways to do the Kimura from Half Guard.

Half Guard – Crossface Arm

When your partner is trying to control your neck with their left arm, use your left leg to kick your partner so they plant their left hand on the mat as a frame.

Half Guard Kimura BJJ Technique

Turn your partner’s frame into a lever by sitting up and tying up a Kimura on their left arm.

Half Guard – Underhook Arm

Your partner’s right shoulder is a frame to prevent you from simply moving to there back; their right arm bolsters that frame.

Kimura BJJ Technique

To turn your partner’s frame into a lever, throw your left knee over their right shoulder blade. As well, control the corner of their elbow (insert close up image) and then, tie up your Kimura.

Top Half Guard Kimura

When fighting your partner from Top Half Guard, you can attack a Kimura when they have a left Underhook on you.

Kimura Top Half Guard BJJ Technique

Turn so that your left side is on your partner and while facing their legs, wrap up your Kimura grip on their left arm; thus, turning their left frame into a lever for your control. Make sure you have 90 degree angles to tap out your partner.

Top Cross Side Kimura

Controlling your partner in Cross Side, you can go for a Kimura when your partner has a left Underhook. Put your head to the mat to turn your partner’s frame into a lever. Turn your body to tie up the Kimura grip.

Cross Side Kimura BJJ Technique

And then, go into a North/South position so you have the best chance of winning a 90 degree position with your partner’s arm.

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Ritchie Yip

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