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The Armbar is one of the most clear and obvious examples of how levers and frames work in Jiu Jitsu.

Closed Guard Armbar

Your partner’s spine is a stick that acts like a frame as you try and pull them down. For the Armbar to work you need to first pull their head down so that their spine is now a lever that works against them.

Armbar From Guard BJJ Technique

Only now can you bring your leg over their head to finish the Armbar. If you execute the Armbar while your partner is still framing with their spine, your partner will be able to easily defend the Armbar.

Closed Guard Back Take Armbar (Belly Down)

While attempting to transition to the back, you can also transition to an Armbar.

Belly Down Armbar BJJ Technique

By controlling your partner’s arm, you are controlling their entire body by weaponizing their skeleton and turning their arm into a lever which controls their entire body.

Mount Armbar

When attacking my partner with an Armbar from Mount, I’m using my arm as a lever and I’m prying my partner’s legs over to the side so that he can’t come up.

Armbar From Mount BJJ Technique

In addition, I’m always looking for the longest lever possible; thus, I’m controlling my partner’s fist with my hands to finish the Armbar.

180 Armbar

From Knee On Belly, I want to see my partner’s arm as a lever to pick up my partner’s shoulder off the ground so that I can slide my shin behind their spine.

Knee On Belly Armbar BJJ Technique

Once controlling their arm, I can know throw my left leg over their torso for greater control. Think left, left, left when you’re finishing the Armbar.

Armbar 180 BJJ Technique

Their left arm, over your left hip, while using your left hand.

Pressing Armbar Butterfly Guard

Attempt a sweep from Butterfly Guard. The sweep is not simply an attack to get on top of your partner, it can also be used to set up additional attacks. As your partner posts their hand on the ground to defend the sweep, their arm is a frame used to stop the force of the sweep.

Pressing Armbar BJJ Technique

You’re always looking to turn your partner’s frames into levers; thus, capture their arm with their wrist against your neck; and then, press along their upper arm while ensuring their thumb faces the ground.

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