Learn the Takedowns – BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

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Learn the Takedowns - BJJ tutorial from InFighting Burnaby

Foot Sweep

Applying weight the foot stops the foot from moving; then, unweight the foot so you can sweep the foot off the ground; and then, pull your partner down to the floor.

If your partner’s foot is on the floor; then, their leg is a frame; but, if their foot is off the floor; then, their leg is a lever that you can use to control them.

Foot Sweep BJJ Technique

Foot Sweep From Back

The Foot Sweep From The Back is one of the best ways to learn and master the foot sweep. You essentially try and step on your partner’s foot. By using your head, push your partner so that weight comes off their foot. Once their foot is weightless, sweep it to the side for the take down.

Back Foot Sweep BJJ Technique

Essentially, with the Foot Sweep From The Back, you’re using your partner’s entire leg as a lever to take them down to the ground!

Lapel Drag To Ankle Pick

Pull on your partner’s lapel to elicit them drawing their weight backwards. Immediately, you want to grab their heel with your hand.

Ankle Pick BJJ Technique

Essentially you’re turning their entire body into a lever as you push lightly with your lapel hand and pull with your hand on their heel.

Kneeling Tai Otoshi

The most common mistake is to pull straight down when doing the Kneeling Tai Otoshi. When pulling straight down, you’re allowing your partner to use their skeleton as a frame.

Tai Otoshi BJJ Technique

Instead, pull outward; thus, making their skeleton into a lever.

Snap Down

The snap down is a critical technique to set up other techniques. You want to apply pressure to the crown of the head. Mistakenly, people go for the neck.

Snapdown BJJ Technique

The neck is too strong, you want to consistency apply pressure to the longest end of the lever which is the crown of your partner’s head.

Single Leg – Run The Pipe

The Single Leg Takedown is one of the best examples of how to use your partner’s skeleton against them.

With your partner’s leg off the ground, you can use it to drag your partner down to the mat.

Single Leg BJJ Technique

Ensure that you have as long of a lever as possible by pointing the crown of your head into their chest.

Single Leg – Heel To The Heart

By winning your partner’s leg in a takedown situation, you’re turning their leg into a lever which controls their entire body.

Single Leg Takedown BJJ Technique

Heist your partner’s leg up as high as you can and get it so that their hopping on their toes. Most people will fall immediately; but, if necessary you might need to sweep out their foot.

Double Leg

Drive in underneath your partner’s shoulder to control your partner directly underneath their hips.

Frames stop force and motion; and thus, if you drive into your partner, they’ll defend your pressure by pressuring in using their legs. The Double Leg Takedown works when you turn their legs into levers.

Double Leg BJJ Technique

Connect your hands just under your partner’s hips. This will disallow their legs from driving into you as a frame.

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Ritchie Yip

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