2 Things To Focus On Your Fighting Stance

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Fighting stance is a highly debated topic and it seems like every Boxing coach and Kickboxing instructor has a different interpretation of how to stand and fight.  To keep things super simple, here’s 2 things to focus on.

Fighting Stance Concept #1. Maintain the Universal Athletic Position. 

The Universal Athletic Position is the way you would stand in any sport.  Meaning, if you were a tennis player, a goaltender, a basketball player or any other athlete you need to be in the Universal Athletic Position to perform well. The Universal Athletic position is where you have your knees bent, your heals up and your hips low.
Undoubtedly, the Universal Athletic Position is also necessary when you’re fighting.  However, there are some minor adjustments that are specific to fighting.  The most immediate change is that you’re turned more so you’re not so square to your partner.
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However, there are some minor adjustments that are specific to fighting.  The most immediate change is that you’re turned more so you’re not so square to your partner.

We use the Universal Athletic Position when we’re fighting with the only special adaptation being that we stand more narrow.  Focus on maintaining the Universal Athletic Position when you’re in your fighting and your agility and your power will increase.

Concept #2. Always protect your neck. 

Protecting your neck is a fundamental principle in fighting.  When we’re doing Jiu Jitsu, we need to protect our neck and when we’re striking, there is no way we can take a punch to the neck!
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Thus, when we are in our fighting stance, we want to focus on protecting our necks.  As long as we protect our necks  our fighting stance will be nearly perfect – our chins will be down, our hands will be up and our shoulders will be shrugged forward.
Keeping thing’s simple is how you win fights.  Focus on these two things to help you with your fighting stance and your performance will improve immediately.

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