The 3 Most Common Mistakes With The Left Hook

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The Left Hook is one of the most fundamental punches in Boxing and Kickboxing; but, it’s very rarely executed properly.  Here’s 3 common mistakes associated with the Left Hook.  Be sure to by pass these mistakes while you’re training so that you sky rocket your skill development.

Mistake #1: Leading With The Shoulder
Leading with the shoulder when throwing the Left Hook is a common mistake that most people don’t know is a mistake.  Leading with the shoulder when punching will only leave your shoulder in a vulnerable position and make it susceptible to injury.  It’s imperative that you’re leading with your hand when you’re punching.  Leading with your hand will make your shoulder safe and you’ll be able to throw a much more powerful punch.
Mistake #2: Elbow Is Too Low
Keeping your arms tight to your body is super important for Boxing; but, sometimes this can be done too much and it may weaken certain attacks.  When you’re throwing your Left Hook, it’s critical for you to lift your elbow up so that it’s the same height as your hand. If the elbow is too low, your hook turns into a goofy hammer fist – totally not what you want.  Lift up your elbow when you’re throwing your Hooks and you’ll have a much more powerful punch.
Mistake #3: Not Transferring Your Weight
Most people don’t transfer their weight at all when they’re throwing their Left Hook.  Or worse yet, they’re transferring their weight forward into the wrong direction.  When you’re throwing your Left Hook, you need to transfer your weight back onto your right foot.  Doing this will facilitate the rotation in your left foot so you can punch with way more power.
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Ritchie Yip

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