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Workout of the Week with Meego #2


Kneeling- 15 Each Side
Deep Squat- 30 Reps
Woodchops- 15 Each Side
Single Leg Deadlift- 15 Each Side
Single Arm Row- 15 Each Side
Floor Press- 30 Reps
Push Press- 15 Reps
Low-Side-Row 15 Each Side
Overhead Swings- 30 Reps



This is the ultimate system for escaping bottom cross side. Bottom cross side is one of the most dangerous positions in BJJ. This is the system that I show all of my students so they can successfully escape from this dominant position.


Client of Month – June 2016

Student of the Month: Jason Boog

When you train at InFighting, you will have a chance to experience a great community where other students help you achieve your objectives.

Because we want to highlight this unique community, we thought of having a student of the month -- where we highlight one of you in our blog and newsletter. It’s a great chance to learn more about...

Ritchie’s Review – Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last

Hey everybody, Ritchie Yip here talking about Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last. Last year I picked this up, I liked his previous book, Starting With Why. So, it’s a great book that talks about how to run a team of people and why caring about them and taking care of your team, your tribe, the people under you, is not only good for the team but ultimately good...

Ritchie’s Review – The Psychology of Influence

Hey everybody, Ritchie Yip here. Today we are talking about Robert Cialdini’s ‘The Psychology of Influence’. Really, really cool book. I think it’s critical reading for anybody that owns a business or anybody who is in sales. Really important to read. I first read this book in 98 or 99. I saw it in the local book store – it was right there, front and center in display and I...

Ritchie’s Review – A Whole New Mind

Today I’m going to talk about Daniel Pink’s ‘A Whole New Mind’. I’m going to talk about how the book has helped me and helped my business and how I run my business based on a lot of the concepts from this book.

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